Opportunities for Manufacturers

Thank you for visiting PipetTipFinder, a new online resource for laboratory professionals who use pipettors as well as lab administrators responsible for stocking the liquid handling supplies used in their laboratories. This web site was developed by Lab Procurement Services, a firm specializing in scientific equipment and supply chain management. One of the firm’s managing partners, Max Tyrrell, has been in the laboratory supply industry since 1971. He has served in sales and marketing roles over the past four decades with various companies, most recently with VWR International.

Mr. Tyrrell, recognizing a void in the laboratory supply industry for a comprehensive, impartial resource for pipettors and pipet tip specifications and sourcing, enlisted his team at Meta Enterprises to create PipetTipFinder. The result, after two years in development, is an extensive online database of over 3,000 pipettors and 5,000 pipet tips from nearly every manufacturer. Does that include you?

There’s a good chance your products are already included.

We have made every effort to include all manufacturers in our database and provide the most accurate and up-to-date specifications for manufacturers’ products. But we need your help! Because we believe PipetTipFinder could have a positive impact on your company’s ability to expand your market share in the very competitive liquid handling market, we want to make sure we are representing your company in the way that you want it to be represented. We are also looking to manufacturers like you to help us keep product information accurate and up-to-date. This will ensure that the site’s users can determine whether or not your pipet tips will fit on their pipettor – and hopefully solidify a sale for you.

Do you have a published fit matrix?

If you already have a fit matrix that you publish, we applaud you! If it is a published document, it is highly likely that we have already included it in our extensive database. But how many of your potential customers will take the time to locate, download and/or print, and accurately read and interpret this information? How often do you update it? What are your costs to prepare and distribute it? Wouldn’t it be great if there was an impartial resource where customers can select their pipettors, filter the pipet tip criteria and have a full listing of all compatible products displayed? That’s what PipetTipFinder does.

But we go one step further. Users must know if a tip has actually been tested on their pipettor. If it has, they have confidence in the results. We clearly indicate this in the search results. If a tip is identified as "Universal Fit," we screen the results for tips that should fit on the chosen pipettor. We have identified most pipettors that do NOT take universal-type tips but are always in need of additional information you may have on this topic. Let’s work together to make this process easier for you and your customers!

We do fit testing on pipettor tips!

We have access to a very large collection of pipettors that we can use to certify your tips. Our fit testing consists of three simple criteria: 1) that the tip goes onto the pipettor barrel without excessive force; 2) that the tip will aspirate and hold water for a minimum of ten seconds without leakage; and 3) that the tip will eject from the pipettor normally. All we need are some samples of the tips you would like us to certify, and we will conduct this testing for you. A fee schedule for this service will be available soon; however, the charge will be nominal. Interested? Please contact us for additional information.

Don’t miss out on PipetTipFinder sales!

PipetTipFinder allows users to purchase pipettors and tips simply by clicking a "Buy" button. How does this site display the results? The results displayed are ranked in the same way you see in Google:

  1. Top Rank – pipet tip that has been tested to fit the specified pipettor that we sell.
  2. Next Lower Rank – pipet tip that has been tested to fit the specified pipettor that we don’t sell.
  3. Next Lower Rank – universal tips that should fit the pipettor that we sell.
  4. Lowest Rank – universal tips that should fit the pipettor that we don’t sell.

Our policy is to be all-inclusive with the pipettors and tips we include in our database. If it is on the market and we are aware of it, we will list it – and whenever possible, we will also sell it. We have access to many products through our manufacturer and distributor alliances. However, if your company has a reseller program, we would be interested in further details. Please contact us to discuss.

Stand out from your competition with site sponsorships and advertising.

If you are a pipettor manufacturer who makes tips that will fit on your competitors’ pipettors, we tell the world through PipetTipFinder! If you are an aftermarket tip manufacturer who would like to reach out to a wider audience, we can help! We offer site sponsorship, advertising and other promotional opportunities for manufacturers. Keep reading for a limited-time opportunity for free advertising.

Publish your liquid handling content at no charge.

Our goal is to become the must-have resource for lab professionals and administrators. To do this, we provide pipettor and pipet tip product data and an easy-to-use shopping cart application … but we also have a growing repository of content related to liquid handling topics. As such, we are looking for content from manufacturers to feature on PipetTipFinder. If you have white papers, articles, case studies or other documentation of interest to our users, we’ll consider publishing it at no charge to you.

Now is the time to get involved!

Should your company get in on the ground floor with PipetTipFinder? And what’s the cost? It costs you nothing if all you wish to do is provide us with data regarding your products, so that we may ensure the accuracy of the information contained in our database. A few samples of your tips for our library are all we need. It also costs you nothing to share content with us for the purpose of publishing it on PipetTipFinder. We appreciate and will carefully consider all content submissions from manufacturers.

Interested in site sponsorship, advertising and other promotional opportunities? Now is a great time for you to get involved! We are currently offering six months of free advertising – no purchase or future obligation required – to six manufacturers on a first-come, first-served basis. (Two of your competitors have already signed up for free advertising. We have four spots left! Don’t miss this opportunity!)

And finally, we want to help you sell more product. Talk to us about a reseller arrangement!

Interested in learning more about these opportunities?

Please call Deborah Hamilton at 877.867.1215 or e-mail deborah@mediamondeinc.com.

April 17, 2012