Search Tips

PipetTipFinder is designed to help you find tips that fit your pipettor or pipettors to fit your tips. The first step in performing a search is to choose whether you want to specify a pipet tip or a pipettor by selecting from the drop-down at the top of the screen.

By far the quickest and easiest way to find either a tip or a pipettor is by entering the manufacturer part number in the search bar and click "Search." This will quickly locate the item you are looking for. Just make sure "Tips" is selected if you are looking for tips and "Pipettors" if for pipettors.

The PipetTipFinder search box

Figure 1: This is just a picture of the search box. The real one is at the top of the page.

The search is conducted on the short description field. The short descriptions are uniformly structured:

  1. Manufacturer or Distributor in the case where the item is sold under the distributor brand
  2. Model
  3. Channels or type. E.g., 12-channel, fixed volume, single-channel
  4. Volume or volume range

Our system conducts by doing a very rapid query of our database as you type.


  • Always begin your search with the manufacturer name
  • Thermo Labsystems is the division of Thermo that manufacturers all Finnpipette products
  • Thermo Fisher private label products are referred to as "Fisherbrand"
  • Thermo Matrix is the division of Thermo that manufactures all Matrix products
  • A. Daiger is the prefix for all A. Daiger private label products
  • Cole-Parmer is the prefix for all Cole-Parmer private label products
  • Perkin-Elmer is now the owner of the Zymark automation products and is the manufacturer for all Zymark and MultiPROBE products
  • VistaLab is the manufacturer for all Ovation and MLA brand products

Our first example will be to search for tips that will fit on an Eppendorf Research Plus 0.5 - 10µl pipettor. As you start to type in the search box, the possible choices will begin to appear in the list below (see Figure 2.) When you locate your pipettor model, click on that choice and then click the "Search" button to display the item.

Begin your search by typing the first few letters of your pipettor manufacturer

Figure 2: Begin your search by typing the first few letters of your pipettor manufacturer. Highlight the specific model and then click the "Search" button.

The pipettor you searched for us displayed

Figure 3: The pipettor you searched for us displayed.

This screen allows you to verify that you have selected the correct pipettor in the previous step. If this is the correct pipettor, click on "Tips That Fit" just below the price and shopping cart icon.

The tip results screen

Figure 4: The tip results screen.

All of the tips that will fit this make, model and size of pipettor are displayed. From here, you can narrow you search using a variety of sort and filtering options:


  • By price - Low to High or High to Low
  • By Part Number
  • By Description

To remove a sort, click on the "Reset Sorting" button. You can quickly navigate from page to page using the page navigation buttons. Sorting can also be combined with Filtering which is described below.


NOTE: Not all filtering choices shown below will always be available!

  • By manufacturer – This restricts the list to a single manufacturer of your choice. You can remove this filter by clicking the ALL button.
  • By Volume Range – Since the system has already matched tips to the capacity of the pipettor you selected, this filter is normally used. However this filter is particularly useful when selecting filtered tips where the filter is restricts the overall capacity. This is also useful in cases where you would like to use a smaller tip on a pipettor with a wide capacity range to improve the accuracy.
  • By Finish – This filter allows you to restrict the output to only low binding tips.
  • By Tip Style – Options are Filter and Gel or Gel + Filter. Flex Top is a special tip with a soft hub that fits on virtually any pipet which is available in filter and Gel. Syringe, Glass and Straw options are seldom displayed but apply mainly to repeater types and positive displacement pipettors.
  • Point Style – Options are Bevel, Blunt, Fine, Ultrafine, Wide, Round or Flat.
  • Color – Options are Blue, Clear, Green, LLS/Black (conductive tips), Natural, Red, White and Yellow.
  • Certifications – Opetions are: DNAse and RNAse free, Endotoxin Free, Low Metal, Protease Free, DNA/RNA & Pyrogen Free, Sterile, Sterile & Low metal, Sterile & DNA/RNA free and "All of the Above" termed Full Certification.
  • Packaging Type – There are nearly 50 different packaging types which are too numerous to list. The main function here is to allow you to choose bulk vs. rack and to locate special racking options.
  • Reference – This check box at the end of the list allows you to quickly locate graduated tips. Reference = Graduated.

The filtering capabilities of are extensive and provide you with all the tools you need to find the pipettor and tip that is best for your application.

Finding Pipettors That Fit Your Tips

Let’s say you have a large inventory of pipet tips on the shelf that fit your Rainin Classic 200µL pipettor. However your Rainin has come to the end of its life and you are considering another brand. Will all those tips fit on your new pipettor or do you have to throw them out and buy new? PipetTipFinder can answer this question! Here’s how:

Using the search techniques mentioned previously

Searching for Pipettors to fit a specified tip

Figure 5: Searching for Pipettors to fit a specified tip.

You will be surprised to learn that your Rainin GPS-250 tips fit a wide range of pipettors! You can now purchase the new pipettor with confidence knowing that your inventory of tips won’t go to waste!

Additional Search Methods

You are not limited to searching using pipettor make/model and tip part numbers. You can search on any text that is located in the long description field. Using the radio button and selecting either tips or pipettors, you direct the system to search the long description field of either tips or pipettors.

In Figure 6, a search was performed on tips looking for the value 0.5mm in the extended description field.

Results screen from search on pipettors using the value 0.5mm

Figure 6: Results screen from search on pipettors using the value 0.5mm.

This provides you with a great deal of flexibility to look for tips or pipettors with virtually limitless selection criteria.