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Description: Wheaton Socorex Acura 835 Single Channel, 200-2000µL
Part Number: W810315

  • Manufacturer: Wheaton
    Model: Acura 835

  • Volume Range (µL): 200 - 2000
    Channels: 1

Description: Nichiryo Nichipet EX Plus Single-Channel 1000-5000µL
Part Number: 00-NPL0-5000

Digital Micropipette One-touch calibration digital micropipette. Autoclavable and UV stable. Features a solvent resistant par-fluoro O-Ring. Range: 1000-5000ul.

  • Manufacturer: Nichiryo
    Model: Nichipet EX Plus

  • Volume Range (µL): 1000 - 5000
    Channels: 1

Description: Nichiryo Nichipet EX Single-Channel 1000-5000µL
Part Number: NPX-5000

Lightweight, brightly colored digital models are designed for the precise and accurate pipetting of solutions and reagents, as well as other liquid handling applications. Available in eight different sizes covering a volume range of 0.1µL to 10mL, these pipettors offer enhanced UV resistance and an enlarged finger rest to reduce fatigue. A smooth, continuous, and adjustable micrometer replaces standard click-stop versions, allowing desired volumes to be dialed in for precise measurement. Pipettors also feature an easy and convenient single hand locking lever. The 1000µL, 5000µL, and 10mL models are equipped with filtered nozzles. All models 200µL and larger are equipped with ceramic pistons to reduce corrosion. Each pipettor is completely autoclavable. Compatible tips are certified RNase- and DNase-free, and are designed to fit Nichiryo pipettors exclusively. The rotary pipettor stand is designed to provide safe and convenient storage for up to six pipettors. Tips and stand sold separately.

  • Manufacturer: Nichiryo
    Model: Nichipet EX

  • Volume Range (µL): 1000 - 5000
    Channels: 1

Description: Nichiryo Nichipet Micro Single Channel 1000-5000µL
Part Number: 00-NPP-5000

Pipette Micro Nichpet 1000-5000µL Fully Autoclavable And Uv Resistant Micro Pipette. 20 - 200Ul Volume. High Tolerant Seal Ring. Abrasion Tolerant Nozzle Tip. New Lock Lever To Secure Volume. Solvent Tolerant And Strong Body Against Drop Impact

  • Manufacturer: Nichiryo
    Model: Nichipet Micro

  • Volume Range (µL): 1000 - 5000
    Channels: 1

Description: Nichiryo EX II Single-Channel 1000 - 5000µL
Part Number: 00-NPX2-5000

Fully Autoclavable / UV Resistant / Volume Locking Lever / Chemical Resistivity

  • Manufacturer: Nichiryo
    Model: EX II

  • Volume Range (µL): 1000 - 5000
    Channels: 1

Description: Nichiryo Model 3100 Macro 400 - 2000µL
Part Number: 31N-2N

  • Manufacturer: Nichiryo
    Model: Model 3100

  • Volume Range (µL): 400 - 2000
    Channels: 1

Description: Cole-Parmer Chempette Macropipettor 400 - 2000µL
Part Number: S-07859-20

Quickly adjust volume by turning the thumb knob until the yellow sight line corresponds to the desired setting on the volume window. Tighten a brass set screw, and your volume setting is locked in place. Polypropylene construction and durable design reduce friction wear and increase precision. A piston of PTFE ensures complete sealing in a polypropylene cylinder. O-rings are not exposed to friction wear. You can draw and deliver precise samples for the entire life of the piston and cylinder. Lock volume in place with set screw.

  • Manufacturer: Cole-Parmer
    Model: Chempette

  • Volume Range (µL): 400 - 2000
    Channels: 1